Is the World a Better Place If We Remain in the EU?

I’m not going to compare arguments or “facts” from either side of the debate, I’m not going to discuss the possible advantages or disadvantages to the economy or immigration or even to our democracy that Brexit could or couldn’t have. I want to convince you that this whole debate boils down to your world view.

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The Anthropic Principle

10-43 seconds after the universe came into existence it was 10-20 times smaller than a proton. This incredibly dense point undergoes rapid inflation  with energy, matter, time and space exploding out. Fast forward approximately 14 billion years, in a far-flung part of the Milky Way galaxy, orbiting a small yellow dwarf, we find the mammalian species fondly known as humans.

There is one question that we humans frequently ask ourselves, why does the universe supports us?

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Is God a Moral Monster? Book #4

My fourth book of my twelve book challenge was one authored by Paul Copan, a professor from Palm Beach Atlantic University and titled Is God a Moral Monster?

The book sets out to dispel certain beliefs and views held by both christians and non-christians regarding the Old Testament (OT) and some of its immoral or unethical passages. One quote which sums up the atheistic view of the OT is,

“New Atheists and other critics often resort to caricatures or misrepresentations of the Old Testament laws.”

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I attended a Creation vs Evolution debate last night

Last night, I attended a debate between Prof. John Turner, formerly of UEA School of Biology and International Director of Creation Research, John Mackay. The title was “Did life evolve or was it created?”

Firstly, I believe that life on Earth definitely evolved, despite having faith in the person of Jesus. I do not believe that these are mutually exclusive stances. In fact, I think they merge together rather harmoniously. Genesis 1 being a story told by Moses rather than an impossible eye-witness account. Maybe I should write a post outlining how these two outlooks are compatible.

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12 Books in 12 Months

I began the year – after receiving a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas – wanting to read 12 books in 12 months, something I thought would be rather easy. I began with my first book There is a God – Antony Flew, on Christmas Day and had finished it before New Years.

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